Bondi Bikkies
Identity design and roll-out, packaging design
Founded in a home kitchen in Bondi Beach, Sarah Glover has been baking her signature range of Bondi Bikkies for nearly a decade. With a cult following in the eastern suburbs, as well as distribution across Sydney and along the East coast of Australia, the brand has built its reputation on delicious and healthful treats. Sarah’s desire was to relaunch to market with a bold new look and a renewed focus on the products themselves.
I evolved the 'BB' monogram, creating a dynamic mark that retains the original heart shape, and infuses the brand with youthful energy. Next, I streamlined the brand’s colour palette, selecting a vibrant orange to enhance brand recognition and increase the visual impact of the product packaging for in-store environments. Black and white photography play to the hand-made narrative behind each product, whilst product shots reveal sumptuous full-colour detail.
Client — Bondi Bikkies
Photography — Luisa Brimble